Visit to Downtown Austin…

We asked a cab driver for interestingh places in Austin. He gave the folowing info:

1) Take Bust to Downtown 11th street : Capitol of TEXAS
2) Town Lake
3) 6th street – music clusbs some blabla…
4) 4th or 12th street – not sure … good looking figures..that’s what he said..:)

My friend S and I started at 12:00pm on Sunday. After reading map/bus schedule/route and confusing the people at bus stop and the driver, we finally reached 11th street at 2pm, by taking two buses.

Went inside the Capitol of TEXAS building; took pictures..

Roamed around the streets without any purpose and had coffe on the way and finally took the Colarado street to the Town lake; crossed streets 10,9,8,7,6,4,3,2,1 on the way..but, didn’t enter those streets.

The Colarado river the runs through the city is called the Town lake.

Clean river.Took photos and spent time there. There were many people spending time there. it’ like Marina of Chennai for them, I suppose( I know it’s a disgrace to Marina compare with this ).

Took bus back home at 6:30 and reached before the sun set.

We’ll see other places in remaining weeks 🙂

UPDATE : These pics shown here is linked from some websites. NOT TAKEN BY ME 🙂 ( some people think I took these photos – so updated this disclaimer )


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