Goodbye Austin

(Photos shot with Canon A85)

Upon popular request I decided to write a new post :)) . I was not well and I had to go to the hospital( though I hate it ).That’s the reason for my silence. Healthcare is very expensive here. Anyway I have learned something. Now, I am OK. The antibiotic tablet that I am taking is giving lot of side effects. They supplied a pamphlet with complete information about the antibiotic. Part of the “POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS SECTION” read:
“CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR ASAP if you experience emotional or mood changes, confusion, hallucinations, depression, nightmares, or trouble sleeping.”
Since, I experience all these, even without this tablet, I am not sure if it is the cause for loss of sleep yesterday. Slept only at 6:30am and got up by 8:30am. Feeling sleepy now 🙂

OK, let me come to the main point:

Tomorrow(Friday), completing the 5 weeks stay at Austin,Texas. Had good time learning as well as entertainment :). It’s a nice place and weather was completely unpredictable. One day it is pretty hot( anyway better than Chennai ), the next day chilling wind blows and makes us shiver.
Visited Capitol of Texas,State history museum, walked along the shores of beautiful Colarado river, enjoyed seeing some springs( Barton springs ). Every weekend we never forgot to have food at a south Indian restaurant called “Madras Pavilon”. Idly,dosa,vada tasted the same as we get in Madras 🙂

Some of the facts I learned about Austin and Texas:

  • Texas is the second largest state in area ( after icy Alaska ) and second largest in population after California.
  • Austin is the fourth largest city in population and it is capitol of Texas.
  • The Republic of Texas was a short-lived country(1836-1845) which became one of the 50 states in US.

Now, it’s time to move to a more familiar place San Jose, California. We’ll stay there for three weeks. I have visited San Fancisco( Golden Gate bridge), Los Angeles(Universal Studios) and San Dieago ( Sea World- Aquarium) during my last trip. Still there are other places near SJ. I’ll try to visit them now.

And many thanks to friend Subbu( IBM, Austin ) for answering my endless questions here in Austin 🙂

ASATOMA SADGAMAYA – From the unreal lead me to the real!
TAMASOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA – From darkness lead me to the light!!
MRITYORMA AMRITAMGAMAYA – From death lead me to immortality!!!