My Best Friend’s Wedding

A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.
~ Zsa Zsa Gabor

Rupesh- from God’s own country is my most compatible friend . He’s getting married today – May 5th at Kannur, Kerala. I am not able to attend it 🙁 . So, thought of writing a post for him. Now, he is working in Intel, Banglore.

We were room mates in hostel in Pondicherry Engg. College for one year, and aound 5 years in Chennai. You may not find any common interest between us :

  • He is workaholic and works in night also. But, I am not.
  • Weekends i would like go for movies and other places- he’ll go to offcice 🙂

But, we shared same thoughts about the world, money and human behaviour. This made us very close friends.

He won’t stop till he learns things completely. His favorite subject is(was?) Digital Signal Processing and he knows in and outs of it. He had about 15-20 books on that subject alone. If he really remembers how many books he had, he might find one of them is missing. Now, it’s in my library – it was helpful for MS open book exam :). Then, his interest shifted to Wireless networks. He might even sniff [without any tools :)))))))))) ]the 802.11 in the air and decode my post when I hit the “publish” button- if he’s around my hotel. Yeah, he had so many offers from different companys, for his skills in WiFi and he finally settled with Intel. Sometimes i used to think, if he left Chennai, b’cos, he always lost to me in the fight for the TV remote:)

Once he rejected my offer to move to a better house. Reason : “There is no Nair tea shop nearby”. He won’t start the day without glass of tea. There are lot of adventures by him. i am not writing them now.

A year back, our conversations about marriage would go like this:
Me : Hey, your sister got married. U r next right?
R : (with long sigh )Noda. It’s not possible. I have two cousin brothers and relatives relatives retaives not yet married. So it’ll take atleast another 5 years 🙁 . You’ll be coming to my marriage with ur kids.

Did i believe it? Then why would i get surprised, when he told me, that he’s getting married !!! Before this, I never u’stood the secrets of hiding the Ymsgr when I go to his desk . Anyway, now it is an arraged marriage 🙂

Let’s wish the couple a wonderful married life. Habbaaa, now he has got someone to love and take care of him – one of my responsibilities is over 🙂

And, this post is my gift 😀

Greatest of all pleasures in the world: to love and be loved.

  • Srikar

    >you have got some nice pic there. Seems like you mightbe interested in photography. Check out my photo-blog…

  • prasanna.mansa

    >Rupesh wish u happy married life.

    Krish…keep the blog updated with daily happenings…

  • Akruti

    >Well,those days with friends,those times when everything used to be with a smile are always cherished:)
    Happy married life to ur friend and u takecare and have loads of fun:)

  • vj

    >My Best Friend’s Wedding

    didn’t like the terms – best and worst friends

    Another contradiction Krish !

  • Krish

    Thatks for visting.

    Did he invite u. i am sure he would have forgotten.

    Yes neels – time with friends r always cherished.

    hahaha.. i put it deliberately :)…That’s a movie name ..i didn’t want to change it….:))

  • Krish

    removed the comments to avoid confusion. thanks…but still i don’t like the term best friend 🙂

  • Prasad

    >Hey krish… so, u r now in San Jose….. hmm.. nice to read abt the happenings in Austin.. 🙂
    Convey my wishes to ur friend… in Mallu style 😀
    I bet u’d know atleast some malayalam, being with him for such a long period.. :))

  • sweety

    >Wedding season!hmmmm! its always best part of fun in the marriage….so u r missing it???

    convey moi wishes 2 the new couple….;)

  • Sangeeta

    >Do wish the couple on our behalf

  • Twin-Gemini

    >So where are you now? In San Jose? Hows the food and the environment there? Liking it so far?

  • Krish

    Yeah. Now I am at San jose. I’ll covey the wishes … I know Malayalam a bit..he learned Tamil vey well :))

    mmm…ok seety ma’m..i’ll covey ur wishes..

    Ok! teacher…

    yes. i am at San Jose. Food as usual cooking and there are lot of Indian restaurents around :).. I have been to this place before… i like this better than Austin…

  • Chez

    >Hi Krish…

    I’ve been visiting ur blog for quite some time. Did a revamp of the template and contents recently. Switched over to Blogrolling and Haloscan, and a lot more. And eventually, Ur blog moved from Favourite folder to be mirrored and shine more through my blog.. 🙂

    Thanks for that w.bloggar freeware. Lab testing is goin on my side.. 🙂

  • J

    >>>Habbaaa, now he has got someone to love and take care of him – one of my responsibilities is over 🙂


    >>Greatest of all pleasures in the world: to love and be loved.

    I like these sentences 🙂 I love taking care of my friends, ppl 🙂
    nice post, krish.

    mmm ungha posts elam padichutu iruken. achoo velai pannanum :p

  • Krish

    Thx 🙂

    ammam velathaan important!