Time for a Kitkat….

me and the blogdom takes a small break here… time to work !!!

Some Misc. Stuffs:
What Sex is your Brain ?
Try this 5 min BBC Test.

Emotional Intelligence Quotient ( EQ) :

Want to know you or your friends has Low or High EQ, this link is a good resource. It might create some awareness about us :))

Signs of High and Low EQ.
EQ Institute Home Page.

Small story I came across ( u shoud have known it before,so do I ):

Mullah Nasruddin and his son were going to the market to sell their donkey. All the three were walking, while someone commented that how foolish these guys are, they can very well sit on the donkey and go. Mullah sat on the donkey as he was a bit old, and they started walking. Someone else commented, what kind of father he is. He makes his young son walk, and he himself is having a ball of a time. Mullah got down, and made his son sit on the donkey. Midway someone commented again, look at these fools one is walking while there is enough place for two on the donkey. Mullah, climbed over the donkey too, just to see someone commenting, these people are heartless. How can they be so mean and make the torture the donkey? Both of them got down now, and started carrying the donkey and the whole market laughed at them.


I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone.
~Lord Byron