This Blog is No Longer IPv6 Enabled

digitaloceanAt last I found a reason to blog! My last post was about, this blog supporting IPv6 . Now, this post is to convey, it no longer supports IPv6.

Reason for Moving from Linode:

I have moved my 20$ Linode VPS to 5$ DigitalOcean VPS. The reason is simple: I was underutilizing the resources available on Linode and there were no cheaper options available. DigitalOcean was getting some good reviews and the pricing starts at just 5$.

Linode 20$ comes with 8 cores and 1GB RAM vs DigitalOcean 5$ 1 CPU core and 512MB RAM. I ran some Google Page-speed test against my blog on Linode vs DigitalOcean and both returned almost identical scores. So, even with additional cores and RAM I am not getting any added advantage with Linode.

Why no IPv6?

The only downside that I see is, ┬áDigitalOcean does not support IPv6 yet. Also, they don’t seem to have timeline for the v6 support. Though, it does not have any practical implications at present, I see it as a step backwards.

BTW, I used this DigitalOcen guide for migrating from Linode and went very simple and smooth.