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I wanted to write something about the books I recently read. Anyway, I am not a good reviewer. Just I am sharing my thoughts with you:

1) Digital fortress by Dan Brown
Bought this book after reading the well known DVC. It’s a techno thriller- about NSA( Nation security Agency ). Never ever try to compare this with DVC. He had a very difficult task of writing a story that involves only intelligent people. He had to compromise a lot to make the story interesting. Some of places that was funny for me:

  • Professionals in NSA not locking their monitors when they leave their desk- just reduce the brightness of the monitor 🙂 ( DB has friends in NSA – so, it may be true as well )
  • Decrypting a message in brute-force without know what the algorithm is. If anyone has some knowledge – let me know. Are they trying all algorithms in brute-force. Is it possible ??

The second storyline – search for a ring was totally predictable and irritated me 🙁
But the book has some surprises as well. You can try it.

2) Thunaiyezhuthu( Tamil ) – S. Ramakrishnan:
This came as a weekly column in Aanandha Vikatan. I used to read it. I bought the book that compiled all those episodes as I have missed some of them. In this,he writes about love- unexpressed & failures, friendship, lies, his love for books, places, nature and everything. His writing is simple but soaked in emotions that makes your eyes wet. I have seen water oozing from my roomie’s eyes 🙂
His first episode is about a barbie doll in the in the hands of a child. One day, he finds the doll without its head and thinks about the days his child used to have it him- even during sleep. Then he finds the head without its hair and beauty in some other place and the kid totally not cared about it. Then he compares it with real human lives…and ends it with the yesudas song that he started liking from that day :
“neeyum bommai naanum bommai ninaithu parthaal ellam bommai”.
Actually you need to read the book to feel it . Even if you think, your heart is just a motor that sucks blood from veins and pushes into the arteries, it’s worth a try. Of course you should know Tamil 🙂

Currently reading: Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.”

  • Francis Bacon (1561-1626)