Movie: Bolt

After watching action packed first 15 minutes of the movie Bolt , I though if Disney was inspired by some Vijayakath movies! But, the fun part starts after that .

It was a well made animation movie with right blend of emotion, humor and a story!

I really enjoyed it! 8/10

A R Rahman won the oscars..

for Slumdog Millionaire because….

A) of his talent shown in the original score and song of the movie
B) he was associated with a film that emphasizes on ‘negative’ side of India
C) one of his best music was in a critically acclaimed movie directed by an English director and Western production.
D) It is written ( எல்லாப்புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே ! )

Whatever it is… congratulations Rahman, you deserve it !!!


Yesterday,  I had a chance to watch Kuselan. Coutesy: ‘TamilTorrents

 Some of the movie reviews in blog world related the failure at the box office to Rajini’s apology to the Kannadigas.

But, the reason for its failure is it complete mokkai-ness :

Comedy is’nt good,  the outlook of Pasupathy family to the house they live in didn’t match with the plight of the family and of course it’s not Rajini movie. Rajini should n’t have acted in it.

Enna koduma saravanan idhu:

Let’s wait for Robo.